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Permission Given: 28th Jan 2011 by DenkiMouse :)

I have a young baby & a home to keep so I will have designated times when I will be able to reply MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & fRIDAY evenings for a few hours & possibly a couple of hours in the day on Thursday.

I LIVE IN THE UK, and will ship internationally but this may take longer to ship out and may cost more.

If buying internationally then you do so at your own risk, I do not take responsibility for items lost within the post.

Prices do not include shipping.

All Prices are in USD $ but do not include shipping fees.

If you have shown an interest in an item but do no wish to purchase it please let me know as it is very annoying to be left hanging.

Items are sent by either first class standard (UK) or airmail if overseas. Items are not insured by default, please ask if you wish to have tracking.

I will hold items for 24 hours, after which they will be placed on sale again.

No sales through PM, it is unfair to other community members.

Paypal is only option of payment
When sending payment please quote your username and items purchased.

After transaction are complete or I do not get a reply within 24 hours I delete comments to free up space & just so I don't get confused haha xXx

NO deleting comments,

NO childish remarks or being a general prick to people who out bid you,

NO backing out after making an offer, all offers are FINAL!

ONLY offer what you are willing to pay (remembering P+P is not included)

Comment only after the highest bid for your to count...

Have fun xXx

Offers will end when I get a decent offer xXx


Nothing up for offers atm :) xXx

SALES (Updated- 27th October 2013)

Flareon Jacks Figure: SOLD
Bouncy Balls: $35 for all 4 or $10 each
Old Flareon & Vaporeon Tomys: $7 each
Flareon & Jolteon Pencil Toppers: $7 each
Coloured Eevees: $5 each (RED SOLD)
BNIP Eevee charm: $5
Rubber Jolteon: $5
Vaporeon & Flareon Bouncy Ball figures: $5 each

Leafeon Jacks Plush: $15
Leafeon Fake Tomy Plush: SOLD
Leafeon & Glaceon Jacks Figures: BOTH SOLD
Leafeon & Glaceon Palace Figures: BOTH SOLD
Leafeon, Glaceon & Eevee Zukan: SOLD
Leafeon Gashipon: $7

Espeon & Umbreon Jacks Figures: $10 each (UMBREON SOLD)
Espeon Megablok: SOLD
Hand Painted Shiny Espeon Zukan Figure: $5

2012 Ninjask Charm Set: $20
Zukan set: SOLD
Large Ninjask Custom Plush: $15 (one arm is becoming loose, needs restitching)
Small Walkies Style Ninjask Plush: SOLD
Unkown Figure (with blue base, very rare but Ninjask is unattached): $10
PokeDex Figure: $7
Keshipoke: $7
Megablok: $5
Kid Figure: $5 (slight wear on Ninjask's ears)
Foam Thingy: $5
Bean: $5
Stamps: $3 each or all 3 for $7
Custom Charm: $3
Stickers: $1 each or all for $5

Ninjask reference sketches: $5 for both

Pull Back Mew: $10
Gashipon: $7
Mew in Case: $7
Pencil Topper: SOLD
Bouncy Ball Figure: $3

Talking Pikachu Plush Keychain (still works): GIFT
Red Genesect Zukan: $8
Clear Pikachu Tomy: $6
Pikachu Racer Figure: $5
Oddish Tomy: $3
BNIP Pikachu charm: $3
GameBoy Keyrings: $2 each

Rotom Zukan (missing fan rotom) $4

Groudon and RegiIce Gashapon: $2 each (Groudon SOLD)

Swinub Zukans BNIP: $3 (1 SOLD)
Gligar Zukan BNIP: SOLD
RegiIce Gashapon BNIP: $3

BNIP Bidoof Zukan: $5

Lugia: SOLD
Celebi: $3
Deoxys: $2
Jirachi: SOLD

Sqiurtle Keychain:(doesn't flash anymore) $3
Pikachu Keychain: $3
Torchic Keychain: SOLD
Mini Jigglypuff Keychain: $2
Munchlax Charm: SOLD
Minum Charm: SOLD
Marill Charm: SOLD

These are old UK Gashapon figures, they all have different colour bases and they all have slight wear and tear (i.e: a few cracks within the plastic casing, but the casing can be removed if wished)
Vulpix: SOLD
Slowpoke X2: BOTH SOLD
Horsea: $3
Dratini: SOLD
Meowth: GIFT
Jigglypuff: $3

Lego-like Gashapons
Pichu: $3
Charizard: SOLD
Wobbuffet: SOLD
Meowth: SOLD

These are roller figures, they have a small metal ball on their base which allows them to move, I think they were originally produced to battle one another. Because of the metal ball they are considerable heavy for a small figure so please take this into consideration if interested :3
Ekans: SOLD
Electrabuzz: SOLD
Cubone: $3
Ivysaur: SOLD

Dialga roller: $3

Various Kid figures: $3 each

Various Tomy figues: $2 each

Various Misc. figures: $1 each

These figures came with candy, they are not Tomys
Booty Eevee: $1
Croagunk: $2
Mamoswine: SOLD (GIFT)
Mesprit: $2

Dratini Coin: SOLD
Rapidash Coin: $1

Pokemon: Island of Giant Pokemon. This book has got some minor damage as it is very old :$1

Thanks for looking :3

If you do purchase something, please leave feedback here:
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  • Sellers Feedback

    Hiya Guys, so this is where feedback for the items you've brought from me go, please keep in mind I live in the UK so P+P may cost more and…